LikeWater® Suspension Fluid

  • Provides the least viscosity change of any commercial suspension fluid and will operate unchanged longer than other suspension fluids
  • Often used by NASCAR and ARCA teams in Superspeedway suspension setups

LikeWater Suspension Fluid - 16 oz

CHF 33.35

ExtraLight 2.5wt Suspension Fluid

  • Popular in NASCAR's professional categories, motocross, and road racing, where top engineers try to run the lightest fluid possible that maintains its viscocity and stability.
  • Many motocross tuners use it as a direct replacement in the front forks on Showa and Kayaba forks, with or without revalving
  • Also used in road racing and circle track as a direct replacement for Penske's 2.5wt Silkolene fluid

ExtraLight 2.5wt Suspension Fluid - 16 oz

CHF 33.35

LightWeight 5wt Suspension Fluid

  • Popular as a direct, yet more stable replacement for most 7wt OE suspension fluids
  • Used by motorcycle tecnicians as a most stable replacement in Showa and Kayaba front forks that have not been revalved
  • Often used in Sprint Car racing, as well as in CORR and SCORE Off Road competition

LightWeight 5wt Suspension Fluid - 16 oz

CHF 33.35

Medium 10wt Suspension Fluid

  • More stable replacement fluid for twin-tube racing shock absorbers like Pro Shocks, Carerra, and QA1

Medium 10wt Suspension Fluid - 16 oz

CHF 33.35

HeavyWeight 30wt Suspension Fluid

  • Used in many Harley-Davidson® and American V-Twin motorcycle forks and rear shocks that have not been revalved

HeavyWeight 30wt Suspension Fluid - 16 oz

CHF 33.35